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Pickup-Pro® now offers you the newly designed and developed “StealthBar” as an alternative to the traditional steel bull bar from ARB, the all-new “StealthBar” offers a lightweight option to frontal vehicle protection equipment.

Environmentally friendly, lightweight and made from UV stabilised polymer for durability, the innovative “StealthBar” is the ideal solution for organisations and customers looking for a frontal protection substitute from steel bull bars.

Similar to traditional steel bull bars, the StealthBar offers the same level of protection, is air bag compatible and contains provisions for driving lights and antennas. Furthermore, the StealthBar possesses the ability to accommodate a 9,500lb winch, adds only 130mm to the overall length of the Ford Ranger and is easily fitted as a full bumper replacement while retaining the factory-fitted fog lights and parking sensors.

Most importantly, the StealthBar has passed both the stringent European directive (EC No. 78/2009)

Recovery Point: The StealthBar in both winch and non winch configurations, is compatible with the ARB recovery points to assist with vehicle recovery. Shown in red here.

and the full Australian Standard AS 4876.1-2002 in regards to the protection of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. As well as that, the Ford Ranger’s ANCAP 5 Star rating remains unchanged with the StealthBar fitted. The StealthBar’s unique ability to efficiently absorb impact and return to its original shape means not only a large reduction in crash damage but also a long service life while eliminating the downtime and associated costs of damaged/immobilised vehicles.






*Full bumper replacement, easily fitted.
*Superior frontal protection, due to the impact absorbing hollow construction.
*Accepts the original vehicle fog lights.
*Compatible with Ford front parking sensors.
*Antenna mount location on top of the accessory bracket.
*UV stabilised polymer for durability.
*Styled to maintain the Vehicle’s aesthetics.
*Manufactured from environmentally friendly, recyclable polyethylene polymer.
*Minimal repair costs after impact.
*Minimal maintenance.
*Accommodates a large range of spotlights.
*Accommodates up to 10,000lb Winch.
*Fitted Weight of 24kg for (Non-Winch version).
*Fitted Weight of 29kg for (Winch compatible version).
*Weight savings provide improved fuel economy and reduced tyre, suspension
and brake wear when compared to other alternatives.
*Approved in the EU (and Norway).
*StealthBar adds approximately 130mm to the overall length of the vehicle
*Side wing under protection.
*Compatible with ARB Under Vehicle Protection.
*Compatible with ARB Recovery Points.

Adaptive cruise control with forward collision alert:
Ford’s PX Ranger MKII features an Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Alert as part of an option pack available on the XLT and standard equipment on WildTrak models. The system uses a multi-mode electronic scanning radar to combine a wide mid field of view with long range coverage.
SmartBar’s Design and Engineering team have developed the StealthBar to accommodate this factory fitted optional accessory.

Chassis Mounts:
The chassis mounts for the StealthBar
are based on the design of the Ranger full SmartBar mounts. They offer the same high level of protection for the vehicle as the full SmartBar mounts that have been tested out in
the field for the past 4 years.
The 2 part construction design allows for 3 axis adjustability to achieve a solid and perfect fit every time.

Under Vehicle Protection:
The StealthBar in both winch and non winch configurations, is compatible with the ARB under vehicle protection (UVP). Side under wing protection is supplied with the StealthBar to cover the vehicle components outside of the chassis rails.

Fog Lights:
The original Ranger fog lights are compatible with the StealthBar. This is for all models except the WildTrak. The fog light kit SA180-FLK** can be purchased to fit fog lights to the StealthBar for the Wildtrak if fog lights are required.
(** This fog light kit is currently not available and is under development.)

Optional Day Time Running Lights:
The StealthBar has an area designed to incorporate an optional high quality Hella day time running light (DRL) to provide additional safety when driving during daylight hours. The DRL is designed to turn on with the vehicle ignition and off when the vehicle parker lights are turned on.
(Please note the DRL are not included with the StealthBar but can be purchased separately, Part No BP80052.)

Driving Light Mounts:
The StealthBar is supplied with an accessory bracket to mount driving lights, light bars and other accessories.
This accommodates the ARB intensity range and IPF 808, 800, 900 series lights.
The mount includes pinning holes for the Intensity lights and up to approximately 620mm long light bars.

Winch Model Fitment:
The StealthBar for the Ford Ranger PX MKII accommodates the following winches:

    • Warn ZEON 8, 8-S, 10 and 10-S
      Warn ZEON Platinum 10 and 10-SBushranger DV-9TH, DS9.5TH and Seal9.5THThe StealthBar is supplied with an accessory bracket that mounts to the top of the bar in front of the grille. The winch control box can be mounted on the accessory bracket between the spotlights.Additional fit kits are required depending on the winch being fitted:Warn Zeon and Zeon Platinum fitment requires the Warn Part number W89965 Short wiring kit and Zeon control box mount kit SA183-ZWK. This kit includes a control box mount and additional aerial mount.A flip up number plate bracket is recommended for standard size number plates when Stealth Bars are fitted with a winch, ARB Part number 3500630.Warn ZEON Platinum fitment may require part No. W94288 Enhanced Signal Kit.



StealthBar, winch-ready, 2011+ : 22160,-
StealthBar, not winch-ready, 2011+ : 19640,-
Alle priser med mva.  (Begge utgaver kan leveres i hvit farge uten pristillegg!)



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