The Bedrug has the comfort of a carpet but is made of tough polypropylene.
It protects the vehicle bed and your cargo from damages, and it will endure harsh conditions.
The Bedrug is made of closed-cell foam and doesn’t absorb water, and will not mould or mildew.
It is stain- and UV resistant to prevent fading in colour.

Les BEDRUG katalogen HER!

S/C 3940,- (Universal, 249×167 cm, dekker plangulvet og baklemmen.)
X/C  7500,-
D/C 7480,-
(Amerikanske modeller, +1000,-.)

An Aluminium Bedliner is perfect if you use your pickup as a work horse, as it is one of the toughest bedliners on the market.
The aluminium bedliner is a one piece drop in liner that has been laser cut for precision and fully TIG welded. The bedliner comes with angle surrounds that caps it off over the top edges and the tailgate piece has been laser cut to protect the top of the tailgate.
Aluminium Bedliner features:
Fabricated from 3mm aluminium

Lasts the lifetime of your pickup-truck!

D/C 16290,
(Kun for europeiske modeller.)

The Plast Liner is a durable bedliner designed to handle tough conditions.
It doesn’t become fragile or prone to damage under conditions as extreme cold or heat.
It is made of long lasting, chemical resistant HD polyethylene, and has UV protection to prevent fading in color.
The Plast Liner is fitted using non drill fitting methods.

S/C 7900,-
X/C 6980,-
D/C 6925,-
(Kun europeiske modeller.)
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