Mercedes Retrax rullelokk

Pickup-Pro leverer RetraxPRO til norske pickuper!

The Retrax retractable tonneau cover is constructed from industrial aluminium slats that provide supreme strength and ruggedness, as well as a heavy-duty matte finish.

The stylish design complements the original style of your pickup, whilst also offering a secure space and dependable seal to help keep the elements out and protect the cargo in the truck bed.

The compact storage container features a unique spiral track-system, that prevents the system from snagging as it opens and closes.

The Retrax is key lockable in any position, that gives you unlimited flexibility in your hauling capacity.


Key features of the RetraxPRO:

– Constructed from industrial strength aluminium
– Heavy duty matte finish
– Opens and closes with one hand
– Unique and anti-snag system
– Key lockable at various intervals
– 5-year warranty
– Non-drill clamp fitting

RetraxPRO til X-Class D/C: 17320,-
Kan leveres med svart eller polert veltebøyle! 24000,-
Alle priser med mva.










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