Extang Express soft cover for US modeller


Low profile clamps and unique side rail design gives you full truck bed usage.

Dual seals provide excellent sealing that withstands harsh weather

and protects cargo.

Self adjusting tension system keeps tarp taught in all weather conditions.

Heavy-duty bows are pre-positioned and roll up with the tarp for easy storage.

Quick release levers at the cab & tail rails provide instant removal.


The Extang Express Tonno is made with speed and ease in mind. It is engineered with exclusive features that provide instant truck bed protection with top-notch looks and superior performance.

The Express Tonno is the most convenient and easy to use roll-up style tonno in the industry. Its revolutionary components provide a secure, no-nonsense installation in just minutes!

All-weather tapered tarp design repels water for protection from the elements and improve gas mileage.



Fra 8640,- (Short Bed)
Alle priser med mva.










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