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Produktbeskrivelse, BedRug teppeinnlegg:

This is the most innovative and unique truck bed liner there is. You get the look and comfort of carpet, in an ultra-tough 100% polypropylene (essentially plastic) product. That means not only will it protect your truck bed from impact dings and damage, it will stand up to the most harsh conditions you can throw at it: from gravel to battery acid, while still protecting your precious cargo and your knees!

Molded to fit your specific make and model, this liner looks great and fits like a glove. It creates a void-free surface without damaging your truck and allows easy access to factory tie-downs and accessories. Its non-skid surface keeps your cargo in place, and a built-in hinge between the truck bed and tailgate prevents debris from collecting. The BedRug material is fade and UV resistant. Made of foam similar to that used in life jackets, it doesn’t absorb water and will not mold or mildew. Water will simply run off the surface, through the zippered perimeter, out the factory drain holes in the truck bed and will dry in as little as 20 minutes. Just clean it with a hose, power washer or vacuum and your BedRug is good as new.

Rugged Construction Handles Heavy Cargo
Bleach, Oil Even Battery Acid Washes Off
Comfortable Knee Friendly ¾” Cushioned Floor
Anti-Skid Surface Prevents Cargo From Shifting
Engineered for Exterior Use
Stain & UV Resistant
Easily Cleaned With Just Water

BedRug, crew cab: 7490,- (vi har til de flese planstørrelsene…)
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Produktbeskrivelse, Trail FX anti-skli planinnlegg:

Thick-ribbed construction provides extra protection and allows airflow between bedliner and truck bed for moisture evaporation
Manufactured from model-specific molds that provide a perfect fit, seamless construction, and more cargo space than any other bedliner
Non-pooling floors allow complete drainage and make clean-up easy
Contains board holder slots for two-tier and compartmental loading
Over-rail models provide protection of the truck bed rails
Under-rail models allow for truck caps, tonneau covers, or aftermarket rail protectors
Tailgate liners come equipped with cup holders
Patented no-drill installation available for most bedliner models

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